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X-ray dental mobile Stomcar-U complex

The complex is designed for examination and treatment of patients in rural areas, hard-to-reach and remote areas, as well as in cities and towns with visits to enterprises and organizations.

According to the universal recognition of dentists, Stomkar-U is a fully functional dental clinic on wheels, which allows you to carry out an almost complete list of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


The complex is a van body mounted on the chassis of a vehicle, equipped with an X-ray dental apparatus with a computer radiovisiography system (or film), a dental chair and a set of dental instruments, providing comfortable conditions for staff.

It is allowed under separate contracts to supply the complex without a vehicle and a van body or in a van body without a vehicle.

The installed X-ray dental device is designed both for working with X-ray films and with a digital computer radiography system.

The computer radiography system significantly reduces the time required to obtain a high-quality digital image, which provides a new quality of diagnostics. This system consists of a touch sensor, a USB cable, a sensor connection device, a computer connection device and software. The touch sensor is 10 times more sensitive than the X-ray film, so the dose of X-ray radiation is reduced by 90%. The minimum thickness of the sensor makes it easy to position it to obtain an X-ray of any necessary part of the dental cavity.

The Stomcar complex provides:

– Pre-sterilization treatment of the used dental instrument with the use of sterilization of the instrument in a dry heat sterilizer;

– Storage (up to seven days) of a sterile medical instrument in a UV bactericidal chamber;

– Supply of cold water using an autonomous water supply system consisting of submersible electric pumps, tanks for clean and used water, supply of warm water heated with water heaters;

– Disinfection of the air environment and surfaces of devices, using an ultra-violet bactericidal wall irradiator;

According to the customer’s needs, this complex can be implemented on the basis of various automobile chassis: trailers, railway wagons, sea vessels, without chassis, KAMAZ all-terrain vehicles (with wheel formulas 6×6, 4×4, 4×2), as well as HYUNDAI chassis with soft suspension for urban and medium off-road conditions. A wide selection of car chassis and additional equipment allows you to choose the optimal configuration that best meets the needs of the customer.

All equipment is certified according to ISO 13485, standards, according to the directive MDD 93\42 EEC of the European Union.
We carry out a full cycle of work - from the emergence of an idea and development to production, delivery and service.
We provide warranty and post-warranty service of all types of our own equipment, as well as a wide range of imported ones.


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