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X-ray fluorographic digital complex KRF-112 “Flucar” on the Hyundai chassis

The X-ray fluorographic complex KRF–112 FLUCAR is a digital fluorographic device 12FK1 FLUARKOM, well known to radiologists, installed in a comfortable van body that meets all modern requirements on the basis of an automobile chassis.


Designed for chest fluorography in the patient’s standing position. The optimal solution for conducting surveys in rural areas, remote areas that are difficult to access, as well as in cities and towns with visits to enterprises and organizations.

Radiologists appreciated the complex for the convenience and efficiency of its use, modern and ergonomic interior. Air conditioning, dual heating system and water supply provide comfortable working conditions for service personnel and patients even in the harsh Kazakhstan climate, which makes KRF-112 an indispensable tool for quality medical care anywhere at any time of the year.

Due to the unsurpassably high cross-country capability of military modifications of the complexes, they are in service with the medical units of most of the power structures of our country, where for many years they have proven their reliability and ability to serve in difficult field conditions. Additional equipment of the complexes with electric generators and autonomous liquid heating systems make KRF-112 absolutely independent of the availability of infrastructure on site.

According to the customer’s needs, this complex can be implemented on the basis of various automobile chassis: trailers, railway wagons, sea vessels, without chassis, KAMAZ all-terrain vehicles (with wheel formulas 6×6, 4×4, 4×2), as well as HYUNDAI chassis with soft suspension for urban and medium off-road conditions. A wide selection of car chassis and additional equipment allows you to choose the optimal configuration that best meets the needs of the customer.

Van body dimensions (external):
Length, mm no more than 6000
Width, mm: no more than 2500
Height, mm no more than 2550
The range of permitted temperatures, deg.: от -30˚ до +40 ˚


Distinctive features of the complex:

High spatial resolution provides complete information on the examined organ of the patient from the first time;

The most convenient conditions for the work of a radiologist;

Low dose loads on patients;

The possibility of uninterrupted operation in the fluorography mode during a mass survey of the population;

The comfort of the examination procedure for the patient;

High X-ray protection properties of the cabin;


There is no need for the staff of the complex to perform additional work on drying, developing the film, sorting and storing X-rays.

All equipment is certified according to ISO 13485, standards, according to the directive MDD 93\42 EEC of the European Union.
We carry out a full cycle of work - from the emergence of an idea and development to production, delivery and service.
We provide warranty and post-warranty service of all types of our own equipment, as well as a wide range of imported ones.


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