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Digital visualization «ViewAR»

The digital X-ray imaging system “ViewAR” is designed to obtain high-resolution X-ray images in hospital wards, trauma centers. Viewar has been developed as a digital imaging solution providing general radiographic diagnostics of human anatomy.

This device is designed to replace X-ray systems based on film or screen in all general-purpose diagnostic procedures.

The digital visualization system includes:

Flat panel detector of the “flat panel” type

Computer(quantity per customer order) It can be supplied in a complete set for 3 workplaces.

Flat Panel stand


The digital visualization system allows:

— to carry out full-format images with a size of 43×43 cm, which is enough for any research;

— have a high quantum efficiency, due to which a high-quality image is achieved with minimal radiation load on the staff and the patient;

— achieve versatility thanks to fast matrix response, good resolution and frame rate;

— get rid of geometric distortions;

— take up little space (due to the size of the flat panel) – which allows you to use all the spatial capabilities of X—ray equipment;

— print high-quality images thanks to advanced thermal printing technologies;

— it is convenient to move the fat panel using the rack, providing a convenient location for research.

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