Now JSC "Aktubroentgen" possesses a floor space of 20 thousand square meters with numbers of 200 persons and necessary industrial potential.

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Enterprise product range includes:

● Mobile ward X-ray diagnostic systems for different purposes:
    ►-12L7 Arman-2
        -Arman 32

● Stationary digital X-ray systems for fluorography:
        -Digital 12FK1

● Digital stationary X-ray diagnostic systems:
        -RDK "ARDIAGNOST-6
        -RDK "ARDIAGNOST-8

● Mammography systems:

● Mobile systems for different purposes. (based on car chassis):
        -Flyukar KRF-112

12L7 Arman-2

Portable X-ray diagnostic machine 12L7 Arman-2 - designed for X-ray images of internal organs of non-transportable patients in hospital wards as well as in the field of forwarding and other variable conditions. Effective in providing emergency medical care for diagnosing of injuries.

LCD Display
Technology of microdozing exposure
Characteristics may vary

- The machine is easy to move on 4 wheels, casters.

- Has an intuitive control panel with a large LCD display that provides full comfort of the machine.

- Mono block of vertical stand with an X-ray tube moves freely up and down the column, rotates around its axis. Because of this it is possible to do x-rays in any patient position.

- One of the main advantages is a lightweight device, which does not exceed 50 kg.

The machine has a certificate of international quality standard CE

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