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Aktubroentgen JSC is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of X-ray equipment in CIS. Our company has 70 years experience in production of high-tech equipment meeting all quality standards of modern medicine...

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Joint Stock Company “Aktubroentgen”
One of the oldest X-ray equipment producing enterprise is celebrating its seventh decade in radiology. The company has made a long way from a small factory to a modern, successful company, one of the largest manufacturers of radiological equipment.

It is mature age to look back and remember biography of the plant, which began during World War II. In late 1941, "Moscow State union ray factory" was evacuated to Aktobe, Kazakhstan. In a short time, as determined by specific requirements of war, an effective manufacturing base was prepared, and in May 1942 the company started the production of defense products.
During the Great Patriotic War the plant was producing medical X-ray machines in three types: camping, portable and stationary diagnostic type. All three types of units surrendered to the Chief Medical Administration of the Red Army to serve the front and rear hospitals. In addition, the plant produced subversive machines of type PM-1, PM-2 for the Red Army Corps of Engineers (sapper units and guerrilla groups).
In 1998, the company has undergone restructuring and now JSC "Aktubroentgen" is a private enterprise. Management of the enterprise in terms of economic conflicts managed to keep the core production and design capabilities, production facilities, and production facilities. Thus, a new phase of the modern enterprise began.
After a short phase of economic stabilization the management embarked on a phase of active sustainable development and, as a result by the end of 2007, together with JSC "Development Bank of Kazakhstan" almost completed the commissioning of new production facilities, equipped with the latest production equipment in several European countries, Canada and Japan. Moreover, it should be noted that the commissioning performed without interrupting the production cycle.


Today the company has more than 14 sq. meters of production space, a broad technological cycle, gained the know-how, experienced personnel: 200 qualified workers. The main activity of the company is also the production of medical and industrial X-ray equipment, which are widely known in Kazakhstan and beyond. Contemporary conceptual directions of the company include further improvement, development and diversification of x-ray diagnostic medical equipment based on the latest cutting-edge advances in digital computer technology, high-frequency power supply, microprocessor and computer technology. In this case, the principals of the WHO recommendations, the recommendations of expert radiologists are to reduce the radiation doses received by patients in the survey.

The collective efforts of the company are focused on creation and introduction of the widespread use of modern technology in the diagnosis of human diseases. «Aktubroentgen" JSC provides a full range of work - from the initial business idea, market research, new product consumption - to supply equipment to consumers, including after-sales service. Due to the effective management of the enterprise market for the plant's products now cover Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

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