X-ray systems

JSC Aktubroenten is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of X-ray equipment in CIS. Our company has 70 years experience in production of high-tech equipment meeting all quality standards of modern medicine...

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Chief Executive Officer

Mars Mahmutov
70 years in radiology

One of the oldest company in the world - developer and manufacturer of complex X-ray equipment - is celebrating its anniversary with the overall growth of all indicators. Every year production increases, and new technologies and models appears. The whole history of radiology passes in front of your eyes, when you look at the production of "Aktubroentgen": from the ward staff to digital fluorography, from the simplest of RU-525, created during the birth of the enterprise, and to the modern computer tomograph. In our view, the man, his needs and the needs of his health and life are very important. The secret of strength and success of the JSC "Aktubroentgen" is Its people, a great team of JSC "Aktubroentgen" is the basis of flexibility and stability, reliability, and recognizable "face" of the company. The old truth, which says “the one who is focused on the client never loses” is precise and reliable. Products of JSC "Aktubroentgen" are reliable, "smart" and at the same time are simple and accessible to the customer. Today they have become an essential tool for every doctor far beyond Kazakhstan. Our "Armans" and fluorographs faithfully serve for years and decades in the hot tropics and the Arctic Circle, in large cities and in the taiga. We hope that we will become good friends with all our clients.

Good luck to you with us!
Specialization of the enterprise:

The main activity of the enterprise is the production of various X-ray diagnostic
medical equipment.
Modern enterprise product range includes:

• Mobile ward X-ray diagnostic apparatus for different purposes
• Digital stationary X-ray diagnostic apparatus
• Stationary digital X-ray machines for fluorography;
• Mobile systems, X-ray fluorography, dental, mammography and mobile
  systems for different purposes. (based on car chassis);
• People screening system
• Mammography systems

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